'Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet'

– Douglas Adams, author, Hitchhikers’ Guide to The Galaxy

briefcaseLangton Blue specialises in bringing clarity where ambiguity exists around technology, operations and finance. Key to the process is understanding the influence these areas have on each other. The team has skills in managing the complexities of bringing all parts of IT and business together to work in harmony.

Langton Blue has a unique approach to addressing problems throughout the lifecycle of an IT service; a focused assessment for getting under the covers of a problem, understanding the contributing factors. In essence, viewing the “bigger picture”. This is followed up by targeted recommendations and follow through on actions; moving from “running your business” to “changing your business”.

Langton Blue has worked extensively with organisations that have large scale IT operations across a variety of sectors. Harnessing the technologies and techniques used by these large companies is growing in importance and becoming more accessible for medium sized companies and those experiencing rapid growth. Langton Blue is working with a number of clients in this space to help them achieve their goals.

Change can be driven by a number of factors:

  • Business requirements
  • Cost control
  • Organisation changes
  • Technology
  • Transition to legacy status

We know we have to deliver value to our customers. Whether that be through more effective use of technology, more efficient financial management, improved operations or a combination of these. We won’t simply look at one area in isolation and will always remember to define and deliver benefits.

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